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We support ESCOs that are understaffed for their projects, and Design and A&E firms that need energy expertise added to their projects.



We work with public and private sector organizations to assist them with energy management projects, programs and strategies.


We partner and collaborate with other energy management and consulting firms to support their projects.


our vision

Our Mission is to be the trusted and respected provider of choice for energy management and energy-infrastructure planning.

We are but stewards of the resources that were left to us. When we waste those resources we steal from future generations, and negatively impact their ability to use those resources to later provide for their children and grandchildren. Through our work in energy assessments and program support we provide guidance to those interested in reversing this trend, and awareness for those who have been taught to sacrifice everything today in the pursuit of "progress".

As our clients become increasingly conscious of their environmental impact, they can draw upon our experience in energy audits; retro-commissioning; energy and utility consulting; independent measurement and verification; and energy performance contracting to optimize their energy management strategies, while not losing focus on their core mission to service their clients and constituents.

We have neither a widget to sell you, nor a black-box that will solve all your problems. Our interest is in providing programmatic support to your organization's energy management plan. Period.


We help today's leaders make informed energy management decisions

Founded in 2015, the 2KB team possesses decades of experience providing energy and environmental solutions.