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How Well do you Understand your Utility Bills?
Understanding how you pay for your utilities is just as important as understanding how you use your utilities.
Utility rates and structures can be complex, often loaded with adjustments and riders.  Do you know if your business is enrolled in the most cost effective rate structure? If your business is enrolled in a demand response plan, is your operating scheduled tailored to take advantage of periods when energy cost is at the lowest?

Potential Benefits

Our team of experienced engineers will go through your bills and break down the costs to better understand how your monthly charges.

The 2KB Approach
2KB Services will utilize a process-driven approach to assess your current situation and determine the most cost-effective energy and utility plan for your business. 

  • Define - The first step is to asses your current situation to determine how the water / energy usage and costs at your business compares to similar businesses in your region. Looking through 2-3 years of monthly utility bills will be sufficient to determine how you compare to the average.
  • Measure and Analyze - Should we determine that your business is paying more than the average, we will take a deeper dive into your utility rate structures as well as your water and energy usage patterns. This step often includes analyzing your water and energy consumption to determine if abnormalities occurred to drive up utility costs. This step also includes several employee interviews to determine if any changes to your current operations can result in drastic utility cost reductions.
  • Improve - Once we determine the best rate structures and operating models, we will work with your employees to implement approved changes and closely track the effects on your utility bills. We will also work with the utility companies to negotiate the best rates possible for your business. This process may involve several months of careful monitoring to ensure the changes stay permanent and old habits don't return.
  • Control - At this stage, all changes should have solidified and a consistent reduction in utility costs should be apparent. Either 2KB or your team will continue to track water and energy consumption in order to ensure any abnormalities are addressed quickly. 

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