Performance Assurance

Measurement and Verification

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Why Performance Assurance?
​How well did that new heater actually help reduce energy costs? Did costs go down because of the newly installed measures or because of a change in demand? Without setting proper key performance indicators (KPIs), understanding the actual impact of energy conservation measures can be very difficult, especially for complex systems that can be affected by multiple factors.

Performance Assurance will help you better understand how the changes you're making are affecting your bottom line. By collecting the right sets of data and establishing the correct baselines prior to implementing energy conservation measures, you can see the direct effects as it relates to your utility bills or to your business productivity. 

The 2KB Approach
The 2KB Services team has a wealth of experience in energy conservation and knows the best KPIs to track for several ECMs. We will work with you on developing the KPIs that work for your  business and that can be used to track the energy conservation measures you want to install.   

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