RM Clayton WRC

RM Clayton WRC

Originally constructed in 1935, the R.M. Clayton Water Reclamation Center, known as RM Clayton, provides wastewater treatment for the northwest area of the City of Atlanta. RM Clayton has become one of the largest wastewater treatment plants in the Southeast U.S., with an average daily flow of 122 million gallons per day (MGD) and the ability to treat peak flow up to 240 MGD.

As regulations from the Environmental Protection Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (EPD) became stricter on plant emissions, and as local landfills began limiting the amount of sludge they would accept from water reclamation centers, RM Clayton was forced to balance the use of the incinerator to burn biosolids or pay exorbitant fees to haul it away. The Department of Watershed Management was faced with risking violations to its approved permits and the skyrocketing cost of disposing of sludge.

With guidance and support from 2KB, the City of Atlanta found a partner with Noresco-SG to develop and construct a biosolids beneficial reuse building that will convert the sludge to EPA-rated Class A EQ biosolids, which can be used as agricultural soil or fertilizer. Once the facility is complete, RM Clayton WRC will be able to decommission the incinerators to drastically reduce plant emissions as well as significantly reduce the amount of sludge hauled to landfills.

2KB and a team of partners supported the development process, arranging for the exchange of information between the client and contractor organizations. 2KB supported the initial will-it-work analysis and helped guide the project through the various approvals by providing educational workshops, training sessions, and coordination reviews with policy, engineering and operations teams.

This project, which will be completed in winter 2021, is expected to save almost $4 million per year or $80 million over the useful life of the equipment.


Atlanta, GA


City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management

Project Cost:

$36 Million


Noresco / SG JV

2KB Services:

  • Program Management
  • Construction Oversight

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