Our Partners

We help clients in the government, industrial, and commercial sectors create effective energy management strategies. Together, we can serve your customers, communities, and future generations.


2KB has in-depth experience working with all levels of government, from facility operations to municipal councils. Our partnerships ensure that your strategic projects are vetted and approved in order to meet your long-term goals.

  • Program Management Services
  • Portfolio-Wide Utility Analyses

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Industrial facilities, such as water reclamation and water treatment facilities, are typically the largest consumers of energy in any given location. We’ll work with your facility, maintenance, and operations managers to develop energy-saving strategies to reduce costs and improve the resilience of your buildings.

  • Facility Energy Audits
  • Workflow Process Mapping

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People. Profit. Planet. These are the components of the triple bottom line framework, a framework that more companies are adopting to demonstrate a commitment to corporate social responsibility. Whether you’re developing a long-term business strategy or a short-term project, 2KB can help you build a sustainability roadmap that considers your social and environmental goals in addition to your financial goals.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Planning
  • Business Process Optimization

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