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EV Fleet and Charging Infrastructure Planning

Data-driven analysis, charging strategies, and infrastructure adaptations that help organizations plan for the EV fleet transition.


Intentional fleet and infrastructure planning

Fleet electrification planning for large organizations requires a firm understanding of internal vehicle use and driver behavior,  impact analysis on facilities’ electric loads, and completely new O&M protocols. To ensure a successful transition, 2KB aligns the priorities of procurement, facilities, maintenance, and vehicle users within an organization to create a phased rollout strategy that meets the needs of all stakeholders and minimizes the impact on essential operations.

2KB’s fleet experts and energy engineers provide the subject matter expertise and data-driven guidance you need to confidently transition your organization’s fleet. We relieve the administrative burden of fleet planning and prepare your facilities for new infrastructure and charging strategies.

Project Scoping

We support the project team in preparation of internal resources, records, and utility data to evaluate fleet and facility useage. During this phase, 2KB will work with the agency to align stakeholders’ electrification goals. Based on market conditions, 2KB will provide an assessment of what kind of vehicles and charging infrastructure will be appropriate during the transition timeline.

Analysis and Assessment

2KB will conduct an analysis of each facility where EV charging will occur to determine current and potential load profiles as the fleet transitions. We will propose energy efficiency strategies, required equipment upgrades, and develop a charging infrastructure plan that maximizes your investments and timing for fleet electrification. 

Strategic Procurement & Phasing

2KB has the procurement knowledge and expertise to support the development of an RFP to procure the appropriate vehicles, infrastructure, design, and construction services for your transitioning fleet. Further, 2KB assists with a review of financing options and will support the review of proposals and contract negotiations to drive a successful project.


2KB’s construction management team will monitor the progress and provide installation QA/QC. Regular reports and construction documentation create a clear pathway of communication and transparency. The 2KB team will also oversee the commissioning of your new equipment to ensure proper charging.

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