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Measurement & Verification (M&V)

From measuring energy savings to reviewing M&V plans and annual reports, 2KB is your trusted source for data gathering. Our Energy Performance Management (EPM) strategy will ensure operational efficiency so that your stakeholders have what they need to assess program results today and plan for tomorrow.


“I need an objective analysis to help me validate the energy savings reports from my contractors. These reported savings also need to translate directly to my utility accounts and budgets.” —Future 2KB Client


We collect the data and present an unbiased report, which allows stakeholders to accurately assess program results.

Do you want a detailed quantitative analysis of savings that you can trust?



The 2KB approach is to provide information so that stakeholders can assess program results and improve the credibility of data used in future planning and program design processes.

Many program implementation providers do not perform true evaluation, measurement, and verification services.

This is due to the small size of the market relative to the initial investment in the equipment, plus the inherent conflicts of interest with its core design and implementation business.

2KB is different.

We provide detailed quantitative analyses of collected data, including precise measurements and persistence of savings achieved.

It’s been estimated that without a specific plan to measure and verify project performance, savings can erode by up to 50% over time.

Our M&V services will improve the value of your program by:

Tracking the cost-effectiveness of energy projects and answering the question: How much is actually being saved over time?

Prioritizing and planning for future projects based on how previous projects performed relative to expectations.

Producing reports for the stakeholders, regulators, and staff on the overall performance of energy efficiency programs. These reports include key performance indicators (KPI) identified before program implementation.

We achieve all of this by adhering to a strategic policy vision.

Energy Performance Management (EPM) is less of a project or activity, and more of a strategic policy vision for energy and operational efficiency. EPM supports and guides the M&V activities discussed above by…

…setting a priority for data gathering and reporting across all departments and sectors.

…establishing and reporting an existing energy baseline to assess and inform where you are today.

…defining the potential for the overall savings opportunities, including high-level strategy.

…including a specific plan for how performance will be measured and verified over time.

…receiving endorsement, including possible ordinance(s), from the regulatory bodies.

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