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Process Optimization

2KB Energy Services takes a systematic approach to uncover, analyze, and address inefficiencies. We’ll optimize your business, asset, and operational processes so you can spend more time and resources on what your organization does best.


“I have a hunch that we’re not efficiently utilizing our resources.” —Future 2KB Client


Not only do we uncover the inefficiencies, but we also analyze optimization needs, oversee implementation, and track results. We’re there every step of the way.

Are you ready to address inefficiencies so that you can cut costs and boost productivity? We can help.




Define the problem

A clear path will not present itself unless the starting point and end goal are established.

When you work with us, the first thing we’ll do is meet with key stakeholders to learn about business operations, set goals for the engagement, and develop an executive charter to capture the information.

Measure and analyze optimization needs

After kicking off the engagement, the 2KB team will take a deeper dive to quantify key metrics about business operations.

We’ll utilize several tools and techniques to gather and analyze data, including:

  • Process flow diagrams
  • Audits and inspections for data collection and analysis
  • Root cause analysis

Once the information has been gathered, we’ll review everything with your operations team to discuss key identified inefficiencies and solutions to mitigate the issues.

Whether it’s streamlining or automating processes, 2KB will develop a strategic approach to implement the agreed-upon solutions in a way that minimizes disruptions to your organization.

Implement and Control

We’ll provide oversight or lead implementation of the solutions and track results to make sure that your original goals are achieved.

We’ll also develop control and training plans to set your management and operations teams up for ongoing success.

Let’s work together!
We’ll create an energy management strategy that’s tailored to meet your unique goals.