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We help clients in the government, industrial, and commercial sectors create effective energy management strategies. Learn how we can help you serve your customers, constituents, and future generations.

Energy-Based Program Management

Our specialized, demand-side energy management program is designed to optimize your energy and resource consumption. We’ll tailor this three-phase program to meet your specific needs and goals.

  • Program design and implementation
  • Ongoing measurement and verification

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Owner's Representative

We assist facility owners in the procurement, management, and implementation of GESPC projects to ensure that the Owner, not the ESCO, receives the very best value for the investment with minimal risk.

  • Legal and administrative RFP and contract support
  • Project management and performance assurance

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EV Readiness

The EV revolution is coming, we ensure our clients, and their infrastructure are ready.

  • Fleet transition planning
  • Facility adaptions for EV charging infrastructure

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Facility Assessment

Our facility assessments deploy data analysis to help you understand your facility performance relative to your peers. We’ll lay the foundation for setting a realistic, and long-term, and sustainable energy plan.

  • Utility benchmarking
  • Facility energy audits

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Measurement & Verification (M&V)

We’ll improve the value of your program by tracking its cost-effectiveness, prioritizing and planning for future projects, and producing reports for your stakeholders, regulators, and staff.

  • Objective quantitative analysis
  • Precise measurements and persistence of savings achieved

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Process Optimization

We’ll systematically uncover, analyze, and address inefficiencies so that you can boost productivity and reduce spending.

  • Key metrics
  • Strategic approach

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